Sharell M. via

★★★★★   Simply put, I am in love with this salon, all the stylist and the clients. Taji is the best at what she does. I trust her with my hair and trust her with everyone she brings in as a stylist. I love booking my appoints on-line, often 3 months in advanced. The vibe of the salon puts everyone in such a good mood. The stylist are all easy to talk to, a great mix of music is always playing, Wi-Fi is available and clients have many options of snacks, tea and coffee. All these factors make for such a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Taji and all stylist give great advice on natural hair. Taji makes all of her own natural hair products that she not only uses in the salon but also clients can purchase at a reasonable price. This is the most professional hair salon I have ever visited. I recieve appointment reminders through email. I also recieve a phone call a day before my appointment. I absolutley love the weekly deals that are offered through email and on Twitter. Lastly, they all do an awesome job on my locs. They all are very creative and are great at what they do. My hair is beautiful and healthy. If you are a “natural” you owe it to yourself to go for a visit. It is so worth it.

Leslie C. via

Taji’s Natural Hair Styling is a reprieve from the otherwise ghetto hair salons in Raleigh.  I usually despise going to hair salons because the atmosphere is often aesthetically unappealing, loud and I never feel confident that I am going to have my hair cared for the way I want, let alone cut, styled or set the way I like…The style that I wanted, 2 strand twists with extensions, required one.  Tiffany showed me the types of hair that I could choose from and the benefits of each one…I do genuinely appreciate the effort expending in creating an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation at Taji’s.  The walls are painted a warm hue, there are whimsical curtains draping the windows, the shampoo chair not only reclines and holds your legs back, but also offers a massage option. Nice…

Resh Phil via

I absolutely love your work, I thought I would never find someone so talent after my last stylist but your work is remarkable

Tomeico via

EXCELLENT STYLIST AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have been natural for a little over two years and been to a few natural stylist in the Triangle. Taji’s is by far the best natural hair salon in the area. Not only do the staff know how to style natural hair (all types), the customer service is superb! … I was skeptical about trying other stylist but I am so glad I found Taji’s. Taji’s aim is to please the customer so you are not just getting your hair done but you are having a great experience… Everything has been excellent, including the workshops, styles, environment, music, professionalism, conversation…can’t say enough good things about this salon!

Anita Bahati Sims Burbanks via

I love Taji! She is down to Earth,friendly and doesn’t do a lot of mindless chatter.

Angel Ballentine via

I absolutely love going to Taji for my natural hair care.

Rasheedah McFadden Edwards Via

I LOVE this salon! Best customer service EVER. I got my coils redone and fell in love with them when I got home. I am not sure why my reaction was delayed but THANK YOU MABINTI SHABU. YOU ROCK!!!

Shameia Crawford Via

The best natural styles I’ve seen yet, UNpressed!! I look forward to having my hair styled by your salon someday!! AMAZING WORK!!

Samantha A. Jones Via

Ok, so the Aloe Jelly is the TRUTH! This is the most amazing twist out I have ever had! Can you make a jar the size of Eco Styler hair gel! LOL

Charlan Williams

Wonderful first experience!! So, happy to found a new hair home away from home. Thank you again Mabinti

Munchie Spellman

I did my big chop today… I was real scared, nervous and afraid it wouldn’t look right on me. Taji’s took me in and had nothing but encouraging words… Tonya B. did the B.C. and styled it beautifully. I love my new natural hair, she did a great job. I walk around with confidence…I don’t look like a boy (insider) lol. Thank you ladies!!


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