“As seen on Restaurant Steakout - You Can't Fire Family, Ariana offers brilliant, exotic cuisine at standard Huntington , NY prices.”


“For over 20 years, Ariana has proven to satisfy the pallets of Long Island ‘foodies’ that want to step away from the typical dining status-quo.” 


“Right on Main Street in bustling Huntington, NY, Ariana quietly boasts one of the longest tenures for upscale & exotic cuisine in the area.”


“Being Vegan just got a lot easier, thanks to Ariana Restaurant in Huntington, Long Island. After trying Ariana, you might never eat meat again.”


Havana/Marley Twists
These trendy twists can be styled into regal up do’s or worn down for a soft pretty look. Using Puffy afro twist hair, extensions are added to form large individual twists.  
This style can be worn by those who are transition, but works best with hair that is already natural and lasts for 6 weeks with proper maintenance.

Soft Up Dos
The Soft Up Do™ is our signature style! natural hair can be twisted, braided, coiled and also sculpted. This style does just that by tucking and creating beautiful shapes the only way Kinky hair can! Discover what new looks your hair can achieve with this style. Clients hair has to be at least 6+ inches for the Soft Up Do™

Two Strand Twists
Two strand twists are simply achieved by twisting two pieces of hair together. This style can be done with different hair lengths and is very versatile. I offer two styles of the double stranded twists, either twisted while the hair is damp which offers the wearer a spring like twist that draws up more but also has shine and body, or twists can be done after the hair is blow dried. This techniques creates a longer twist to show ones length, but has a little less body and works best with at least 4 inches of hair. Two strand twists can also be rod set and and styled in many different ways. It is the perfect style for someone who wants options within a style!

Twist Out
Twist out styles are literally that, twisted hair that is undone! I start with the hair either two strand twisted or flat twisted while damp, after the hair has completely dried the twists are then taken out and finger styled in place. This styles lasts approximately 1-2 weeks depending on care.

Locs are a commitment and should be approached with having the proper knowledge to support your decision. Locking your hair is a very beautiful process because each stage is different and it allows you to grow along with your hair! Locs can be started in various ways including loc latching, comb twists, two strand twists, and plaits. Loc extensions are also another way of achieving the look without the commitment loc extensions are also used to repair broken or damaged locs. If you have locs or are thinking of growing locs please come and see all that we have to offer in initialing locs, loc maintenance, and styling! You wont regret it!!

Pixie Twists
Looking for a great summer look? This short and sassy two strand twist extension will have heads turning and plenty of compliments! Requirements: Need to have 2-4 inches and for those transitioning; need to have at least 2 inches of new growth.

Up do’s
Simple cornrows can be elegant and stylish. More intricate cornrows can be cutting edge and creative. Cornrows can be incorporated with comb twists, two strand twists, and twist outs.

Twist Extensions
This style Is very popular when trying to transition from relaxed to natural hair but can be worn by almost anyone. Human Kinky hair is added to achieve the two-strand twist. This style can give the wearer a very natural seamless look along with added length and body. With proper care and maintenance this style can last for up to 10 weeks.

Coils & Coil  Outs
Using a small-toothed comb the hair is coiled around itself in small sections. I use a light twisting solutions while hair is damp to create this style. After twisting is complete the client has to sit under the dryer until dry. This style can last up to three weeks if cared for properly.

Straw Set
Using small flexi-rods instead of actual straws takes less time. Wrapping small sections of damp hair on the rods and letting them dry creates ringlets that are then separated and styled. This style can last from 1-3 weeks depending on maintenance, hair length, and texture.

Flat Twists
A flat twist on natural hair is similar to a cornrow. It is a two-strand twist or roll against the scalp. Flat twists have a very elegant look and can be done in varying sizes and designs. Flat twists can also be combined with natural human hair to add body and length.

Children’s Styles
We love our little naturals and want to encourage mothers to keep their children’s hair natural. Give them a chance to have a healthy scalp into adulthood! We offer Loc maintenance, cornrows, twists, up-do’s, and much more. Get them to start loving their hair and themselves early! Children’s style are from age 4-9.

Designer Cut
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