Taji means CROWN. The crown that is your natural hair, the crown that makes us proud of our natural tresses, and the wearer of the crown that is you.

Taji was born into a family of artists and musicians. While traveling and performing she discovered that natural hair is an art form! Understanding the creative potential  of our natural hair has always been a driving force for Taji.

15 years ago in the Triangle when natural hair was not en-vogue Taji continued to pursue her dream of starting a natural hair movement in this area. Being natural all of her life and understanding the need to return our hair to it’s natural state of greatness, Taji is a licensed natural hair practitioner and began to cultivate a clientele that would later turn into a strong business.

Taji knows that with healthy natural hair the possibilities are limitless! Her creativity is also fueled by her love of art, music, and fashion. Taji graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC with a BFA in Fashion Design and continues to nurture her artistic abilities with her oil and acrylic paintings, shoe design startup, as well as creating fabulous styles within the salon.

Come and experience your natural hair’s true potential! I have had natural hair all my life and because of all that I’ve experienced being natural in a world where it’s not the norm, I wish to help women, men, and children embrace and appreciate their natural hair. Natural hair is a way of life! You have to have strength, confidence and a certain frame of mind to understand that this is a lifestyle change as well. Going natural is not easy for most and I would like to help those who are transitioning from relaxed hair to be able to see the tremendous variety, beauty and possibilities for their African hair. For those who are already natural, my goal is to help you keep your tresses healthy and beautiful. Natural hair is not a burden but a blessing! Let us impact your life today!
- Taji


“As seen on Restaurant Steakout - You Can't Fire Family, Ariana offers brilliant, exotic cuisine at standard Huntington , NY prices.”


“For over 20 years, Ariana has proven to satisfy the pallets of Long Island ‘foodies’ that want to step away from the typical dining status-quo.” 


“Right on Main Street in bustling Huntington, NY, Ariana quietly boasts one of the longest tenures for upscale & exotic cuisine in the area.”


“Being Vegan just got a lot easier, thanks to Ariana Restaurant in Huntington, Long Island. After trying Ariana, you might never eat meat again.”

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